Token Utility
The following a is summary list of the possible ecosystem token utilities and value proposition for the holders of $XSEED.

XSEED Holder Rewards

  • Free airdrops of all games we make
  • Profit share and transaction revenues
  • DAO voting rights
  • Increased Game-Fi yields
  • Priority access to seed rounds for all incubated projects
  • XSEED will be the main currency used in the NFT marketplace
  • Automatic whitelist spots to upcoming games based on tier levels
  • Access to beta testing of games with rewards

In addition..

  • Nine games in development and playable demos of all of them will be available before the launch of the parent token $XSEED. Many games more in the pipeline.
  • XSEED will be the main transaction currency within the NFT marketplace.
  • Majority of games will be built on Unreal Engine 5 but also web browser friendly technologies like WebGL.
  • Ecosystem will be designed in a way where NFT assets can be utilized across multiple games
  • NFT staking in addition to traditional token staking for greater passive income
  • Cross chain - Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, Solana, Cardano & Fantom (start with EVM compliant)
  • Metaverse lounge for the community to hang out and share investment ideas

Unvested Tokens

  • Up to 10% of unvested tokens count towards rewards
  • And a higher % of unvested tokens (i.e. more than 10%) will be eligible for genesis NFTs and games airdrops. This will be determined at a later date by:
    1. 1.
      Tokenomics for each of the games
    2. 2.
      XSEED token distribution post launch
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In addition..
Unvested Tokens