Our Games Pipeline

MetaXSeed has 30 games in various stages of development in its pipelines. For stable and sustainable growth, some games will utilize the XSEED token while others will have their own tokens, tokenomics, and funding rounds. MetaXSeed will develop the concepts, characters, whitepapers, and proofs of concept. If successful, each game will have a separate development team, supported by the core team at MetaXSeed, using the core frameworks and reusable components for efficient and faster market launch. XSEED holders will receive free airdrops of the game tokens and a share of profits from NFT marketplace transactions. The XSEED holder community is also planned to be organized as a DAO to make key decisions in the future. The proof of concept pipeline will be funded by a portion of the revenue generated from marketplace transactions to achieve full self-sustainability.
Actual game footage from our POC of Age of Dragons. Built on Unreal Engine 5 showcasing features such as Nanites and Lumen.