MetaXSeed Games

Decentralized Games Studio

Why invest in one game when you can own a whole studio?

MetaXSeed Games is a decentralized games studio focussed on making games, utilising blockchain technology and unleashing the power of play and earn and NFTs on Ethereum layer two - Polygon.
Game in various stages of development or conversion to Web3
Our team brings extensive technical knowledge from traditional gaming, financial services and IT infrastructure from some of the largest companies in the world. This range of skills should help solve some of the problems that exist with current web3 gaming and pave the way for mass adoption in the next few years. Our solution to these problems are outlined here: Solving the Problems with Web3 Gaming
A range of play and earn games of various genres are currently in development with demos available to play free on Steam, Google Play and other platforms (PC, Mobile and Web). We take our inspiration from projects such as Gala Games and Vulcan Forged but will have an increased community role in decision making, game testing and revenue sharing.
The primary ecosystem token will be $XSEED which will have a limited supply of 200 million (deflationary). In the process of making our own games, we will be creating re-usable modules, vast array of 3D digital assets, wearables integrations, robust infrastructure, smart contracts and an NFT marketplace.
Some games will utilise the $XSEED token while others will have their own token which will be airdropped to holders of $XSEED. $XSEED token holders will have unprecedented utility as they will benefit from free game token airdrops of all incubated games, access to seed rounds, discounted NFTs, marketplace revenue share and metaverse advertising benefits.
Token Utility This unique model will give holders access to a basket of games on different genres, platforms and eventually cross-chain.
As well as being avid gamers, both co-founders have 20+ years of development experience within financial markets and understand the value of a well designed ecosystem as well balancing a P2E framework. As well as creating our own unreal engine driven metaverse ($METAX), the intention is also integrate to mature networks like Netvrk and Bloktopia where land has been purchased or in progress.

What we do?

We make next generation blockchain games. We will learn from the successes and failures from the first generation of play to earn games in 2021 and build upon that.
We will also give a fair chance to all vetted third game developers to take advantage of our frameworks thereby increase quality and reduce time to market. Game developers can choose the level of incubation required in exchange for a share of their tokens or a licencing fee. This way game makers can focus on being creative and let their talent shine instead of reinventing the wheel every time. $XSEED will also have a whole pipeline of in house games under development that future DAO can choose to develop further based on the POC.
We shall eventually use AI driven technical analysis tools similar to Nansen and cross reference with industry trends to select the best upcoming gaming projects. This will help deciding where to allocate funds and resources. On chain analysis and past performance of games will play a major factor. Extra emphasis will be placed on quality of artwork, lore, development team(s), tokenomics and roadmap to ensure our community investments are protected.
We shall initially launch on EVM compatible chains starting with Polygon and move to support cross chain games for BSS, Avalanche, Fantom, Solana and Cardano. A percentage of the raised funds will be used to train up future generations of game developers (unreal engine/unity/3D modellers) and programmers for Solidity, Rust and Haskell. Being cross chain will give our ecosystem the agility and market penetration regardless of industry changes.

Comparison to Gala Games

There isn't any projects that compares to what we have to offer and out unique business model. However we feel the closest project in terms of utility is Gala games that reached a market cap of $22 billion in 2021. The diagram below show how MetaXSeed Games compared to Gala Games and what potential we have.
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